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List of artists

Massimo Bartolini

was born in 1962 in Cecina (Livorno) where he lives and works.

Massimo Bartolini

The artist's poetic is developed through different languages, giving life to works that are always closely connected to their settings. Through the use of diverse elements, Bartolini acts on the space, destroying the classic space-time coordinates and creating new and unexpected dimensions.

The viewer, with his senses and his perceptions, plays a determining role in these works. He explores new points of view and acquires a different sensibility in front of objects and spaces, reinterpreting them through new forms where the individual embraces the entire world. Examples of this process can be found throughout Bartolini's career, from the Aiuole series which started in 1995, to Basements, works exhibited during his last solo show at the Galleria Massimo De Carlo in Milan (September 2011). In both, natural elements are decontextualized and inserted in a new environment in order to emphasize the human connection to his roots.

Massimo Bartolini has been the protagonist of many exhibitions in Italy and abroad. His works have been exhibited in many institutions such as, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh (2013), Galleria Massimo De Carlo, Milan (2011), Museion of Bolzano (2010), Magazzino Arte Moderna, Rome (2009), MAXXI, Rome (2008), FrithStreet Gallery, London (2008), Fundacao Serralves, Porto (2007), Ikon Gallery, Birmingham (2007), Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam (2004), Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato (2003), P.S.1, New York (2001) and the De Appel Center, Amsterdam (1998).