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List of artists

Piero Golia

was born in Naples in 1974 and lives and works in Los Angeles.

Piero Golia

After studying engineering at the l'Università Federico II di Napoli, Golia began working as an artist with an approach that is rational and at the same time deliberately ironic. Through a variety of different languages and forms – from installation to performance to sculpture –, his work aims to constantly blur the boundaries between reality and imagination, possible and impossible, truth and fiction, and is distinguished by a bitingly sharp approach.

From the beginning, his works have been characterized as true conceptual operations, which act in an unpredictable way to undermine the common parameters of interpretation and overthrow the dynamics of the system and the art market. During the Artissima fair in Turin in 2000, he climbed a palm tree and refused to come down until someone bought one of his works (On the Edge, 2000) and at Art Los Angeles Contemporary, he compacted an entire bus to fill his assigned stand [Untitled (Bus), 2008]. He also installed an illuminated sphere on top of the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles, which is lit when the artist is in the city and turns off when he is not. (Luminous Sphere on Top of the Standard Hotel, 2004-2010).

Golia's work has been presented in important institutions in Europe and the U.S., including the Premio Italia at MAXXI in Rome (2011), Sindrome Italiana at Le Magasin di Grenoble (2010), Artist's Museum at the MOCA in Los Angeles (2010), the California Biennial at the Orange County Museum of Arts (2008), Vesuvius at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm (2007) and Gold Standard at P.S.1 in New York (2006).

He has had numerous solo shows in public and private exhibition spaces, among the most recent of which include Concrete cakes and constellation paintings at Gagosian Gallery in Los Angeles (2011) and Double Tumble or the awesome twins at the Stedeljik Museum in Amsterdam (2011).