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Frequently Asked Questions

Crowdfunding is collaborative financing process through which numerous people back projects, initiatives or start-ups by contributing sums of money, large or small.

The method can be applied to various types of projects, from charitable aid and the humanitarian sector, to support for the arts and cultural heritage, to participatory journalism, to innovative entrepreneurship, to scientific research.

The web is typically the platform that connects and facilitates collaboration among subjects involved in a crowdfunding project, whose interaction – along with the power of viral propagation of information – brings economic value.

Why should I support your project?

Because it’s a unique and extraordinary occasion to make a personal, positive impact on contemporary Italian art. We believe that right now, participation and sharing are the most effective tools for achieving common goals, and we want to give due recognition to those who have been involved in the long term as well as first-time donors. Anyone wishing to contribute can become a protagonist in our project, receiving a series of prestigious gifts commensurate with his or her donation.

How can I donate and become part of the project?

Just click on the green “DONATE NOW” button. For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us at We know there are many art lovers all around the world, and every one of them is guaranteed the opportunity to donate and participate in this project.

How can I collect my gifts?

The gifts can be collected when you visit the Biennial. If you can’t attend in person, they will be sent to you wherever you are, at our expense.

How can I monitor the project’s progress?

For questions or comments, you can write to A direct and open response to any query is of the utmost importance to us.

Can I have more information regarding the limited-edition set of prints?

We’ve put together the sets exclusively for our top donors, as a means to express our gratitude for their generous aid. The sets are hand-crafted in a limited series of 120 exemplars. Each one contains high-quality prints of works created by artists showing at the Pavilion, and each will be numbered and signed by the artists - a unique and valuable commemorative gift to remind our friends how important their help has been.

What happens if enough funds aren’t raised in time?

Our goal is to achieve the best result possible. Every donation is a fundamental contribution, and the greater the result reached, the more initiatives will become viable. What we are able to realize will be proportionate to the enthusiasm of our donors.

If I become a Patron, Paladin, Partner, Supporter, Friend or Fan, how can I participate in the events planned for the various participation levels?

Each donor will receive a personalized digital reminder containing the calendar of events regarding the Italy Pavilion, complete with all the necessary information and instructions on how to participate. We’ll also e-mail you to maintain direct contact.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping to donors is absolutely free of charge. If you can’t pick up your gifts personally at the Pavilion, we'll send them to you by mail wherever you are. (If you require an exclusive courier, that will need to be arranged separately).

How will you use the funds raised?

Every donation will be utilized to improve the cultural offerings and accessibility of the pavilion for the public as well as for young students and art lovers. We have not set a limit, but we guarantee that any donation will be utilized for the above aims, from supporting the production of works on display, to the activation of internships and educational/training programs for students, to other dedicated and connected initiatives. It all depends on you!

Can I donate in someone else’s name, or anonymously?

Regardless of the amount donated, we will show our gratitude to each donor, citing his or her name on a panel at the Pavilion entrance and in the official exhibition catalogue. Naturally, we understand and respect the desire to remain anonymous; just let us know when you donate, and we will make sure your name doesn’t appear on these lists.